The Rethinking Manifesto


Full with all the voices I have listened/read, where is my voice? Inside the walls of my skull, the echos of the voices—own or alien—superpose with each other becoming my own alien voice. My thoughts are rethoughts. While the thinker views the world and thinks, I—a rethinker—hear to the others’ voices and I rethink. My worldview is a worldhear, I view the world I hear. Lost without an essence, lost without own view, my postmodern I—a processor in the (re)thinking human network—gets rethoughts in and out.

Rethinking—unlike thinking—can only be collective. Rethoughts, like stories, pass from person—or should I say processor?—to person in an infinite loop of relistening/rereading-rethinking. Like in a game of teléfono escacharrado—or a mathematical proof—, each rethought is small—or trivial—, but after many iterations the surprise emerges: the small becomes big—the trivial becomes complex. A processor has limited computational—cognitive—power, but put many processors in a chain and the accumulation of infinitesimal steps becomes an integral jump. Let the chain become a non-linear thinking network and the jump turns into a flight.

In this blog, I intend just three things: to rethink, to rethink and to rethink. To rethink about what? A program dictates my rethoughts, but this program—my program—is buried deep inside me. My postmodern I—a processor in the (re)thinking human network—ignores my implicit program, just as a character in a play ignores the script that dictates eir actions. So I rethink, but I don’t rethink about my rethinking. Too little time to engage in that. Too dangerous to open that door—and discovering that there is no inner I…

In rethinking—recombining, remixing, rewriting/resaying, rediscussing—thoughts already out there, I am searching for articulating what I deem important to be rethought. By (re)articulating—by retelling those rethoughts in my own personal discourse, by transcoding those rethoughts in my own personal code—, I transmute those alien rethoughts into my own, I digest the foreign inside me incorporating it to me.

In this way, this blog is the search for my inexistent own voice among the echos inside my head. Because my own voice does not exist inside me, only by talking my voice can be. Rethinking—engaging with the rethoughts of others—is the only way we can think because my I is not an individual construction nowhere, but a social construction in the postmodern world we inhabit—a problematic world where the boundaries blur.

But beware! This blog is the explicitization of my rethinking in the best ill-way I find. My posts—(re)thoughts said by typing on a keyboard—are probably hard to read. I am not a writer, I haven’t written a lot and I write sometimes in a foreign language. However, I hope that my ill-said (re)thoughts are worthy of whoever is reading. I hope you will read my posts and rethink them—continuing the chain of rethoughts in this (re)thinking human network to which we belong.

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