Emmy Noether, alphabetic portrait

Abstract algebra, of which she is mother.
Brynn Mawr, where she died.
Chains, she studied and lived.
Dedekind, her idol.
Erlangen, where she was born, grew up and was educated.
Fire, she lit up in her mathematical descendants.
Gordan, her thesis supervisor.
Hilbert, her first defender.
Ideals, whose chains she studied.
Jew, her second chain.
Klein, her second defender.
Loved by her students, to who she gave her ideas for free.
“Mother,” because she was not only teacher to the “Noether boys.”
Noether, the father that she eclipsed.
Odyssey, before, during and after Nazism.
Physics, in which she turned invariants and symmetries into faces of the same coin.
Revolutionary, inside and outside mathematics; outside, her third chain.
Simplicity, she substituted calculations by concepts.
Transcendental, her ideas went beyond algebra and her time.
Unity, when she recognized the common in the disparate.
Van der Waerden, her main expositor.
Woman, her first chain.
Zürich, where the International Congress of Mathematics where she was recognized was.

Translation of my own original in Spanish, "Emmy Noether, retrato alfabético", published in the blog mujeres con ciencia. We publish this translation on the 140th birthday of Emmy Noether, on the 23rd of March 2022.

An alphabetic portrait is one of the literary (potential) constructions of OuLiPo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle). The definition (translated of the original definition in French by Michèle Audin) is as follows:

An alphabetic portrait is a list of words (possibly accompanied by complements, even short sentences) arranged in alphabetical order, which paint a portrait.

We note that the reader is free—and invited—to create Eir own alphabetic portrait of whoever E wants.

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